Measuring what matters

First-Ever CIW Composite Index Shows GDP Gains not Translating into Better Quality of Life

How are Canadians Really doing? Is our overall quality of life getting better or worse? Are we getting closer or moving farther away from realizing the kind of Canada we want to live in? The first-ever CIW composite report shows that in the fifteen year period from 1994 to 2008, Canada's GDP grew by a robust 31% while our quality of life only improved by a very modest 11%. Where did the benefits from the rest of our economic growth go? How did the lion's share of gains in income and wealth end up going to the richest 20%, while the gap down to the rest of us is growing even larger? Why are we living longer, but experiencing poorer health? How is the time crunch preventing us from enjoying our free time and leisure with our family and friends? Why aren't we tackling greenhouse gas emissions? Read How are Canadians Really doing? and ask yourself what progress means to your wellbeing. Explore the Infographic to see what areas of wellbeing are improving or getting worse, and watch the video to be inspired to start the conversation with your colleagues, with friends and families, and with elected officials. Canada is very fortunate to have choices. For the first time we have evidence upon which to make progressive policies that better reflect Canadians' needs and values. We challenge each of you to start the conversation about the future you want, so that all Canadians can enjoy the highest possible wellbeing status.

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